I am a painter; my style reflects my passion for Classical Realism in art. I enjoy painting the beauty found in our natural surroundings. I believe painting is an opportunity, a privilege and responsibility. My role as an artist includes originating ArtSong; an arts enrichment program which is committed to empowering others through creativity. I value sharing knowledge, providing guidance and discovering solutions through creativity.


My debut album; “Bigger than me” (September 2019) embodies a collection of original songs that share my journey of empathy, tenacity and resolution. My songs reflect sensibility, perseverance and aspiration. For me, writing music begins with a feeling that leads to a melody and accompaniment. As a singer/songwriter, my music is a visual expression created with sound. My songs are a composition and art form to be shared.

Art Song

As an entrepreneur, I originated Artsong, LLC in 2011. I founded ArtSong, LLC through my passion and commitment to empowering others through creativity. I provide art instruction, mentorship and creative programs for the community and local organizations. I believe sharing knowledge inspires and empowers others. I invite others to connect through art and music.

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